How To Keep Score in Pickleball? What Do You Need to Know

All generations can participate in the fast-paced, entertaining, and extremely addicting activity of pickleball. The only requirement is that you use your paddle to strike the ball into your opposition’s half of the court over the net. The game can be played by two players or four players on either a standard hardwood court or a smaller court. The rules are similar to badminton or tennis rules but without a ball! If you don’t know “How To Keep Score in Pickleball” we wrote in detail article.

how to keep score in pickleball

Keeping score in pickleball is pretty easy if you understand the game well. The rules make this game accessible to people of all levels because it doesn’t require much physical strength or stamina. Instead, it relies on your hand-eye coordination and ability to react quickly to shots from your opponent.

A tennis sport called pickleball combines ping-pong and badminton features. It is played on a court with a dimension of 20’x40′, with a net at each end. Players score by hitting a perforated plastic ball with their paddles, and they must allow the ball to bounce once before striking it. The game is usually played by two people on each side, but four-person matches are also common. The name “pickleball” was coined in 1965 by Bud Muehleisen, who combined the words “paddle tennis” (another name for badminton) and “tennis.” Pickleball scoring is made easy by the rules if you follow them carefully.


How to Keep Score in Pickleball

Keeping score in pickleball is quite simple, and it follows a specific set of rules. Pickleball can be played in singles or doubles format, but the scoring method remains the same. Here’s how you keep score in pickleball:

  1. Scoring system: Pickleball uses a rally scoring system, which means points can be won by both the serving and receiving teams.
  2. Starting score: A pickleball game typically starts with a score of 0-0, and the serving team gets the opportunity to serve first.
  3. Serving team: The serving team can only score points when they win a rally. The serving team continues to serve and score points until they commit a fault (see fault rules below). Once the serving team commits a fault, the serve switches to the other team.
  4. Scoring points: A point is scored when the opposing team fails to return the ball in bounds, hits the ball out of bounds, or commits a fault during the rally.
  5. Even-numbered score: The serving team’s score is always announced first, followed by the receiving team’s score. When the serving team’s score is even (0, 2, 4, 6, etc.), the server will serve from the right-hand side of the court. The ball should be served diagonally to the opponent’s right-hand court (cross-court).
  6. Odd-numbered score: When the serving team’s score is odd (1, 3, 5, 7, etc.), the server will serve from the left-hand side of the court. The ball should be served diagonally to the opponent’s left-hand court (cross-court).
  7. Switching sides: After each game, players or teams switch sides of the court. This means the server’s position changes as well.
  8. Winning the game: The first team to reach 11 points (or another predetermined number if you’re playing recreationally) and lead by at least two points wins the game.
  9. Two out of three: In tournament play, matches are often the best of three games. This means the first team to win two out of three games wins the match.
  10. Tiebreakers: If the score is tied at 10-10 (or another predetermined tiebreaker score), a two-point lead is required to win the game.

Remember, these are the general scoring rules for pickleball. Different tournaments or casual play may have slight variations, so it’s always good to confirm the specific rules before starting a match. Enjoy your game of pickleball!

Pickleball Scoring Rules

People often think that pickleball is somewhat like tennis. Well, they are not totally wrong, but there is always a catch about how to score a point in pickleball. That is when rules come in handy. Pickleball scoring rules are pretty simple, but it’s important to know the basics.

  • You are playing to 21 points, which is the initial thing you need to know. If your rival scores 27 points earlier than you do, you win by two points if you reach 21 first.
  • When you hit the ball, it must bounce once on your side of the court and then land on the opposite side of the court your opponent’s side. If it bounces twice on your side before landing on your opponent’s side, it’s out. If it bounces three times on either side (or more), it’s out.
  • If neither player has reached 21 points yet and there’s no winner after all points have been played, players will switch sides and continue playing until a winner is declared.
  • The server serves from behind the baseline.
  • Players alternate hitting the ball to each other until one side fails to return the ball.
  • If a player’s serve hits the net and goes over, it is considered good and counts as one point for that player.
  • If a player’s serve hits the net and lands on or under it, it is considered “bad” and does not count as a point for either player.
  • When playing doubles, both players on a team must hit the ball together before they can move to the next court position (e.g., if they make an ace).
  • The ball must bounce once before crossing the net and once after hitting the ground on the opponent’s side of the court. It can be hit back over the net by either team after it has been bounced twice by either team. If this happens, then play will continue until someone makes an error or reaches 21 points or more, whichever comes first.

Pickleball Scoring System

The pickleball scoring system consists of four parts:

  • the serve,
  • the returner,
  • the server, and
  • the scorekeeper.

The serve is when a player tosses the ball overhand from behind the baseline into play. It is the beginning of the game so the serving point is very important to deal with. Another reason you need to focus on the serve is that most points may be scored by the serving team.

The returner is a player who attempts to hit or strike the ball back to the opponent.

The server is another player who will strike or hit the ball after the opponent has returned it.

The scorekeeper records all points scored during a game and determines who wins when the play is over.

How To Keep Score in Pickleball

Tips To Improve Pickleball Score

There’s no doubt that pickleball is a fun game and one that can be played by people of all ages. However, it’s also a competitive sport! If you want to play at the highest level possible, you’ll need to learn some pickleball rules and scoring techniques that will help you get there. People are often seen as concerned about how to keep score in pickleball games. Here are some tips to improve your pickleball score;

-Use the wind intelligently.

The wind will determine where the ball goes and how fast it gets there. You should always look at where the wind comes from before deciding where to hit the ball.

-Be aware of where other players are on the court at all times.

If someone has better-shot placement than you do, try playing harder for them so they don’t score as much, or if they’re further away from your goal line then play softer so they don’t get closer to your goal line!

-Where you are hitting the shot?

Make sure that when you’re hitting a shot toward an opponent their body isn’t blocking their paddle from reaching it (unless they’ve already blocked it). This means that if there’s an open lane for their paddle then you should aim for somewhere close enough so that they can reach it but not too close because then it won’t count as a point unless.

How to Play Pickleball

Pickleball is played on a rectangular court with a net that divides the playing area into two equal halves. The court is 16 feet wide by 32 feet long, with solid boundaries around the perimeter. A regulation pickleball paddle is made of wood or composite materials and has a handle measuring at least 9 inches in length and 2 1/8 inches wide.

The ball used in pickleball games must be no more than 1 3/8 inches in diameter. It weighs between 8 ounces and 1 pound (20 grams). If a player hits an opposing player’s paddle with his or her own paddle when making contact with the ball, he or she is entitled to one point only if it occurred before either player made contact with the ground. If it occurred after both players had touched down on their respective side of the net, then it’s the fault of both players; neither gets awarded points for that rally.

Complete Guide How to Keep Score in Pickleball

As discussed above, Pickleball is a game that requires a lot of physical movement, but it also requires a lot of mental activity. It’s not just a game you play to get in shape. It’s a game you play to challenge yourself mentally and physically. Following are the major points of the pickleball guide that will surely help you in knowing the game in a better way;

  • Pickleball is played on a court that’s the same size as a badminton court but with no netting around it. The ball used in pickleball is smaller than a tennis ball and has holes in it so that water can get inside (hence the name). The net that separates the two players’ sides is about 12 feet high at both ends and about 6 feet high at mid-court.
  • In pickleball, there are essentially two teams of two players each who compete against one another by hitting the ball over the net into their opponent’s side of the court. There are no boundaries or lines on the court just serve your way across from one side to another!
  • The winner is determined by whichever team wins four games first (or whoever has won more games after both teams have played for an hour).

Single and Double Scorings

Pickleball singles scoring is a bit more complicated than pickleball doubles scoring. In singles, you’ll play to 21 points in each game, with a rally scoring system similar to tennis. If you win the first game, you’ll go on to play a second game. If you win that one as well, you’ll move on to play the third game.

The winner of each of these games will be decided by who has the highest point total after all three games have been played.

On the other hand, let’s face it: Pickleball doubles scoring is hard.

It’s a lot to keep track of, and the rules can be kind of confusing and not intuitive.

Here is a quick explanation to score pickleball doubles and some tips for scoring in pickleball doubles games:

  • Play as a team, not as individuals. Don’t try to rack up your own points at the expense of your partner. Instead, play in tandem with them.
  • When playing doubles, there are certain things you need to know in order to score consistently. Make sure you’re keeping track of both teams’ scores on your side of the net if you just focus on yours and forget about theirs, you’ll end up losing points unnecessarily!
  • Also, make sure that when one team wins a point, they announce it by saying “Aces!” or “One!” loudly so that everyone knows who won the point and why it was scored.


Q: What is pickleball?

Pickleball is a sport where players hit a perforated plastic ball with wooden paddles over a net. It’s played on a badminton-sized court, and comparable to tennis, the rules require you to volley the ball back and forth rather than hitting it over the netting.

Q. What is the scoring system in pickleball?

In pickleball, you can win in one of three ways: by a score of 21-20, 21-19, or 21-18. The game continues until one player reaches 11 points, at which point the game is over. If both players have 10 points when the game ends, it’s called a “dead heat” and both players lose.

Q: How do I play?

You’ll need two partners, a racket (or paddle), and a pickleball. We recommend starting off with some drills to get comfortable with your new equipment before jumping into an actual game of pickleball.


Pickleball is a fast-paced, fun game that can be played indoors or outdoors. The game is played by hitting a perforated plastic ball over a low net with a paddle that is larger than a tennis racquet. Pickleball is relatively new, having been invented in 1965 by Joel Pritchard and Wally Hartwig at the Oceanside Racquet Club in Oregon. It’s also sometimes called Wiffle Ball, but that name isn’t used as often anymore. Pickleball is played using a ball that must be struck over the net in order to win points. Pickleball server positions play a great role in this regard. A point is scored when a player hits the ball underhand without using a backswing and gets it past the opposing team’s side of the court.

A game is played to 11 points. Sets go up to 21 points before switching sides. The first team to win two sets wins the match. The rules are fairly simple: The court is 20 feet long by 10 feet wide, and each player has four serves before switching sides with their opponent. Players must serve the ball over the net and into the opponent’s court; if they don’t do this, they give up their service to their opponent.

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