How Did Pickleball Get Its Name-

There are over 2.5 million people in the US currently playing pickleball, a game that has grown in popularity in recent years. Throughout the world, a variety of pickleball tournaments and leagues are held each year. With the rapid growth of the game, the term “pickleball” has also become more popular. Yet, a majority of people, including pickleball players, are unaware of the origins of the name. People are curious as to where the name ‘Pickleball’ comes from since it sounds so different from other sports games.

In most cases, when you hear the name pickleball for the first time, you assume it is a game for children. Recently, this game has gained much attention. Continue reading if you would like to discover where this unique name originated.

What is Pickleball? Who Invented Pickleball

Joel Pritchard and two of his friends invented the Pickleball game in 1965, along with a Washington state representative. In the story, two families decide to play badminton, but they can’t find a shuttlecock to use to play the game. Due to this fact, they decided to use a Wiffle Ball and ping pong paddles in place of badminton rackets. In addition, there was a tennis net placed in the middle of the court.

how did pickleball get its name

Pickleball is a game where special paddles are used. A badminton court is used for play. As a rule, the pickleball ball is smaller than a wiffle ball. It is suitable for people of all ages and abilities because the placement of the fence is quite low. Pickleball can be played with ping pong paddles, but there are also specialized pickleball paddles that are manufactured specifically 

In this game, the right side of the court is of great importance. Maintaining a volley can be somewhat difficult on a large court if you’re new to the sport and playing on a large court.

It is possible to play either on a tennis court or on a pickleball court specifically designed for the sport in order to follow the dimensions of a healthy and competitive game of pickleball.

The game may be played in pairs (doubles) or one-on-one (singles). Essentially the techniques that apply to both doubles and singles are almost the same. The team members are facing each other on one side of the net. A game will commence between two sides but each team is required to play until the opposing team’s offense occurs resulting in their score being deducted. Pickleball is an interesting sport to play, but it has a lot of flaws when compared to tennis and badminton.

Where did pickleball get its name from? (History of Pickleball)

Due to two different stories that have been told by the founders of the game, no one is certain of the correct origin of the name. A dog makes an appearance in one story, while a boat makes an appearance in the other. It is still unclear which version originated from the two that have been used in different interviews.

Origin of the name “Pickleball”

What is the origin of the term “pickleball“? A number of lores have been told about how this game gained its funny name:

Version 1: The Pickle Dog

Pickles was invented by Joel Prichard’s family dog Pickles, as a tribute to his late father. Pickles is said to have chased away stray pickleball into the bushes and taken them off with her. Several years were spent without a name for the game. In fact, the creators didn’t even think this game would last past the first summer. Once summer vacations became a mainstay for the game, it became evident that it needed a name. Eventually, the inventors and their families chose the name “Pickleball” to honor the beloved family dog.

Version 2: The Pickle Boat

Joan Prichard, Joel Prichard’s wife, is the one who is going to give us the second account. Pickle boats are referred to as the last boats to finish a race, and this is how the name pickle boat came to be. It is common for oarsmen from other teams to be on the pickle boat. Pickleball has been described as a sport that included the leftovers of other activities. The game was referred to as pickleball by the inventors gradually.

Pricard’s daughter Peggy stated that “the name of the game does not stem from the dog since the dog was not acquired until many years after the game was created.” The creator of the game, Barney McCallum, said in a recent interview that “everyone involved knows that the name comes from the dogs”. “The second version is significantly more complex than the first two versions.” Pickleball is probably named for its similarity to a pickle boat rather than for its resemblance to a dog.

The place where pickleball was invented is Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island, where many rowers practice regularly. Water sports on the island include sailing, motorboating, and rowing. There is a belief that pickleball was invented by businessmen and politicians. In their career, they have displayed the skill of master storytellers throughout, there is no doubt about it. Pickleball’s popularity is due primarily to its inventor’s ability to take the sport internationally. People often ask, “What is it about the pickleball thing?” They find it more convenient to explain that the boat is named after a pet rather than explaining what a “pickle boat” is.

The dog-origin store has received several online reviews that suggest it may be a fabrication. Nevertheless, this is a fascinating story.


We know for sure that pickleball games are as fascinating as their name, regardless of whether you believe the dog story or find the pickle boat story humorous. This game can be enjoyed by both adults and children because it is a game that can be played by both of them at the same time.

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