How To Keep Score in Pickleball? What Do You Need to Know

All generations can participate in the fast-paced, entertaining, and extremely addicting activity of pickleball. The only requirement is that you use your paddle to strike the ball into your opposition’s half of the court over the net. The game can be played by two players or four players on either a standard hardwood court or a smaller court. The rules …

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Pickleball Vs Paddle Tennis- What’s the Difference

pickleball vs paddle tennis

Sports as we know are an integral part of our lives. We’ll be aware of the fact how sports contribute to our health and fitness. Therefore, with each passing day, people are trying and challenging themselves in some kind of sports activities. It is the topic of our discussion today too! The most frequently played sports are Pickleball vs Paddleball …

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Selkirk Pickleball Paddles- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2022

The pickleball paddle market is relatively new for Selkirk Sport. Since launching its first product in 2013, the company has released several successful paddle series. They manufacture all of their products in Idaho, at the southern tip of the Selkirk mountains. Designed and built in the United States, Selkirk pickleball paddles come with a lifetime warranty. This indicates the company …

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