7 Best Pickleball Gloves -Ladies and Men Reviews

Pickleball gloves are a must for anyone who wants to protect their hands and improve their game. As you play pickleball, you will find that your hands will get sore and bruised after long hours of play. Pickleball gloves help prevent this by providing extra cushioning and support.

Pickleball gloves come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can choose from white, pink, or black colored gloves that have either leather or synthetic leather material on the palm side of the glove. Some brands also offer different sizes such as small, medium, and large so that you can get the correct fit for your hands. The best pickleball gloves will have a perforated pattern on the backside of the glove so that sweat does not accumulate inside the glove which would cause discomfort during playtime. Another important feature is ventilation holes which allow airflow into the glove so that your hands do not overheat during playtime.

Best Pickleball Gloves

Franklin Sports Pickleball Single Glove
Franklin Sports Pickleball Single Glove
  • New and improved fit and design!
  • Easy on/off pull Tabs ensure simplified glove removal
  • Adjustable wrist strap holds
  • Padded thumb and index finger
E-Force Chill Racquetball Glove
E-Force Chill Racquetball Glove
  • Perforated Cabretta Sheepskin palm and fingers create air-flow
  • Full leather ring finger & little finger
  • Soft elastic sweat-absorbing wristband
  • Set-in thumb provides comfortable feel
Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove Women's
Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove Women’s
  • Left=Worn on Left Hand
  • Opti Fit Adjustable Closure – Thin, Light and Secure Fit
  • Stretch Binding Cuff – Secure Feel & Moisture Absorption
  • Perforations on Top of Hand and Fingers

Top Choice: Franklin Sports Pickleball Single Glove


1.   Franklin Sports Pickleball Single Glove

The Franklin Sports Pickleball Single Glove is a lightweight, durable glove that will keep your hand protected from the hard surface of your paddle. Pickleball is a new sport that combines elements of tennis and badminton to create an easy-to-learn activity that’s fun for all ages. It’s played on a court with hardwood or synthetic surfaces and uses a paddle to hit a plastic ball back and forth.

Best Pickleball Gloves

The Franklin Sports Pickleball Single Glove has been designed for this purpose, and it’s made from synthetic leather for increased durability and comfort. The palm portion of the glove features three grip zones to help improve your ability to control your paddle. This glove is available in one size that fits most adults, so it can be used by both men and women alike. When it comes to pickleball, you need a glove that fits like a dream. The Franklin Sports Pickleball Single Glove provides the quality and comfort you need in order to play at your best. The glove is made from high-quality leather and features a soft lining for extra comfort. It also has a reinforced palm area for added durability when playing with the ball or paddle.

  • Lightweight, only 1 pound
  • Comfortable fit, even for small hands
  • Grippy surface for better control of the ball
  • Better grip on the paddle
  • The glove may be too tight for some people’s hands
  • Made from synthetic leather, which has a tendency to crack and break down over time

2. WILSON Sporting Goods Sting Racquetball Glove

The WILSON Sporting Goods Sting Racquetball Glove is an affordable choice for players who want a glove that offers durability and protection without breaking the bank. This glove has a durable synthetic leather palm and fingers, along with a lightweight mesh back that allows for breathability and better ventilation. The palm of this glove is designed to be more flexible than other models, which means less wear and tear over time. And more fun on the court. It also comes in a variety of sizes so you can find the right fit for your hand.

WILSON Sporting Goods Sting Racquetball Glove

The WILSON Sporting Goods Sting Racquetball Glove is an affordable option for any player looking to protect their hand during playtime or practice sessions. The glove also features a breathable mesh back, so you can play in comfort as you keep up your game. If you’re looking for a glove that will give you all of the benefits of playing racquetball, this is it. This glove also has an ergonomic design that allows for greater comfort and control during play.

  • The glove is made from high-quality materials and is very durable
  • It’s designed for right-handed players
  • It offers great grip on the racquetball
  • The price tag is rather high for a glove
  • The glove has a tendency to stretch out over time, requiring frequent replacement

3. Bionic Men’s Right Hand Racquetball Glove

The Bionic Men’s Right Hand Racquetball Glove is a high-quality racquetball glove that will keep you protected while playing. It has been designed with comfort and durability in mind, and it features a silicone palm grip to help you keep your racquet in place during play. This glove is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

Bionic Men's Right Hand Racquetball Glove

The Bionic Men’s Right Hand Racquetball Glove is ideal for anyone who wants to play racquetball without worrying about their hands getting injured. The glove has been designed with an ergonomic fit that makes it comfortable when worn for long periods of time, which means that even if you wear the glove for hours on end while playing racquetball, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort on your hands afterward because this product does not put any pressure on them at all! The glove features a lightweight, breathable design that is comfortable to wear and provides excellent grip. The palm of the glove is constructed of microfiber fabric, which makes it durable and helps keep your hand cool. The back of the glove has an injected foam padding that offers comfort and protection while you’re playing.

  • Comfortable
  • Good grip
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Great price
  • Laces don’t stay tied
  • It may not be as breathable as other racquetball gloves

4. E-Force Chill Racquetball Gloves

E-Force Chill racquetball gloves are designed to keep you cool and comfortable while you play. The main feature of these gloves is their use of Coolmax material on the palms, thumbs, and index fingers. This material wicks moisture away from your skin to help you stay dry even when playing for long periods of time in hot weather. They are designed with a perforated palm and fingers, so you can keep cool during the game. The gloves also feature a pre-curved thumb that allows you to grip the racquetball better. These gloves are made from neoprene, which provides a comfortable feel while playing.

E-Force Chill Racquetball Gloves

The gloves have a snug fit that helps you maintain control over your racquetball shots and feel more confident when playing against opponents. The wrist strap ensures that the gloves will stay securely in place no matter how hard or fast you swing your racquetball racquet at them!  The thumb is reinforced with Kevlar for extra durability, and the fingers have a soft terrycloth lining for added comfort.

  • Lightweight and breathable23
  • It is Great for hot days
  • Anti-sweat technology keeps hands cool and dry
  • Expensive
  • These gloves may be too small for people with larger hands;

5. Head Leather Racquetball Glove

The Head Leather Racquetball Glove is a high-quality glove that provides excellent protection for your hand. The leather is thick, but it’s also pliable and breathable, so it won’t feel too stiff. It’s also easy to break in, so you won’t have to worry about any discomfort or pain when you first start using it. The glove has a Velcro strap closure, which makes it easy to put on and take off. The wrist support will help you maintain control of your racquetball game by stabilizing your wrist. The leather palm offers a great grip on your racquetball racquet, allowing you to have more control over every swing.

Head Leather Racquetball Glove

The glove has been designed with comfort in mind, and it features an ergonomic shape that allows you to move freely while still being able to grip the ball securely. The glove is made out of leather, which makes it durable and comfortable. The glove also comes in two sizes: small/medium (8-10) and large/extra large (11-13). These sizes allow you to choose the right size based on your hand size. If you’re not sure what size would work best for you, try measuring your hand with a tape measure to get an accurate measurement before ordering.

  • Comfortable fit
  • Good grip on the racquet
  • Keeps hands warm during games
  • Not very durable; they tear easily and fray around the seams
  • These gloves don’t offer as much protection from the ball

6. Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove

When you’re playing your favorite sport, you want to be able to focus on the game, not on how uncomfortable your equipment is. But that’s why Callaway designed the Dawn Patrol Glove for women with a glove that’s so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it. This glove has a soft latex palm and fingers, so there’s no chafing or irritation as you play. The grip on this Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove is great for a high-quality grip on golf balls, tennis balls, and more. Plus, the fabric is breathable so that you can stay cool as you play at any temperature!

Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove

The Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove is a high-performance glove designed to give you comfort and feel on the course. It’s designed with a synthetic leather palm and fingers, which provides a great grip, while still being breathable. The perforated mesh back allows for airflow, keeping your hands cool and dry. This glove features a wrist strap that ensures it stays on your hand during play. The synthetic leather is also long-lasting, so you can expect this glove to last for many rounds of golf! If you want to step up your game with a glove that can keep up with your skills, then check out the Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove today! 

  • Very comfortable, great fit
  • Breathable and flexible
  • Great grip on the club
  • Not very warm, but that’s to be expected
  • If you have large hands, this may not be the best glove for you

7. Tour Preferred Flex Glove

The 2018 Tour Preferred Flex Glove is a high-performance glove specially designed for the needs of today’s best players. It features a new lightweight mesh upper with a soft and flexible feel that allows you to maintain natural hand motion, while also providing enhanced breathability and comfort. The Tour Preferred Flex glove also features an improved Flywire mesh backhand, which gives you a secure fit that stays in place as your swing moves around the ball. A special new palm design helps keep both your hands dry and comfortable with increased cushioning, while also promoting excellent grip in all weather conditions.

Tour Preferred Flex Glove

The Tour Preferred Flex glove is a great choice for anyone looking for a lightweight, flexible glove. It offers an excellent feel and grip, and the synthetic leather palm provides comfort and durability. The Tour Preferred Flex Glove also features TaylorMade’s Tour OptiFit technology, which allows for a precise fit. This helps you to feel less restricted when playing your best game. The Tour Preferred Flex Glove is available in sizes small through extra-large and in a variety of colors.

  • The glove is very comfortable,
  • Comes with a nice grip
  • The glove also has great durability
  • It’s also very reasonably priced for what you get in return!
  • You may want to order one size up from what you would normally buy!

Buying Guide For Best Pickleball Gloves

1. Material

The first thing you’ll want to look at is the material of your glove. Many pickleball players prefer leather gloves since they often offer better traction than synthetic materials and offer more durability as well. However, if you’re looking for a glove that will keep your hand cool, then synthetic might be better suited for you.

2. Fit

Next, consider how your glove fits around your hand this is important because it affects how well you can grip the paddle and how much control you have over it. You may want to try on a few different sizes before settling on one that feels just right for you!

3. Price

Finally, price is an important consideration when buying any product (and especially sports gear). Be sure that whatever amount of money you spend on your new pickleball glove will be worth it in terms of quality and durability.

4. Glove Size

The first thing that you need to do when looking for a new pair of pickleball gloves is decided what size glove you need. This can be tricky because there aren’t any standard sizing systems in place yet, so it’s up to each manufacturer to decide what their sizes mean. If this sounds confusing then don’t worry; just look at the size chart provided by the manufacturer before purchasing your new pair of gloves!

5. Full or half fingers

In addition, it’s important to consider whether or not you want fingerless options, or if you need full coverage for your hands and wrists. This decision will affect how much protection each glove offers when playing with them so make sure that you know what kind of coverage works best for your body!


Pickleball gloves are an essential piece of equipment for any player who wants to protect their hands while playing this fun sport. Pickleball gloves come in many different styles, colors, and designs so you can find one that matches your personality while also providing you with the protection you need.

Above I have listed some of the best pickleball gloves that you can buy to play a safe and smooth game! So don’t wait up and get yourself the perfect pair!

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