Best Pickleball Bags For Men and Women-Reviews 2023

One important thing is that a pickleball bag has a large space for gaming equipment and for carrying some other things with you on the court. You can carry several things like a towel, paddles, shoes, phones, snacks, a water bottle, and balls. The pickleball Bag is an important thing for players and the pickleball bag carries all the necessities of the player.

If you’re a beginner, this will be very difficult for you to buy the best pickleball bags for yourself. There are so many different categories of pickleball bags available on the market. That’s why it’s difficult for you. Don’t worry, In this article, we will show you eight excellent pickleball bags that are profitable and inexpensive. We discuss the various features that help you get the best pickle bag.

If you are looking for a great pickleball bag, read our article carefully, here is a list of the eight best pickle bags we suggested to all our visitors, and enjoy the game.

Best Pickleball Bags Top Picks

Onix Pickleball Durable Backpack
Onix Pickleball Durable Backpack
  • Compatible with Cox, spectrum and Xfinity
  • Size:L “20”xW “14” xH “5”inches
  • Weight:This bag weighs 2.05 pounds
  • Available colors:Available in many colors

Vulcan VPRO Pickleball Backpack/Gray
Vulcan VPRO Pickleball Backpack/Gray
  • Product length: 5.08 cm
  • Product width: 35.56 cm
  • Product height: 53.34 cm
  • Product type: BACKPACK
Athletico Sling Bag- Crossbody Backpack
Athletico Sling Bag- Crossbody Backpack
  • ProductSize: 20 x 14 x 6
  • Product Weight: 1.05 Pounds
  • Product Colors:Black
  • Material: Mesh


Best Pickleball Bags Comparison

OutdoorMaster Sling Bag
OutdoorMaster Sling Bag
  • Features: Ersatile backpack with room for all your essentials
  • Benefits: Equipped with several smart pockets, such as HIDDEN ANTI-THEFT POCKET
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Zoea Pickleball Bag, Sport Pickleball Sling Bag
Zoea Pickleball Bag, Sport Pickleball Sling Bag
  • Features: Our sling bags feature 3 pockets and external water bottle holder
  • Benefits: Made of 600d polyester fabric,it has great water-resistant & scratch resistant
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Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag - Men's and Women's
Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag – Men’s and Women’s
  • Features: Arry your pickleball gear in style with this sling bag, the official pickleball bag of the U. S.
  • Benefits: Why settle for an ordinary backpack when you can own a pickleball gear bag designed for the sport?
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Athletico Sling Bag - Crossbody Backpack
Athletico Sling Bag – Crossbody Backpack
  • Features: Comfortable, padded shoulder strap easily flips between the LEFT and RIGHT sides
  • Benefits: Main compartment can hold up to 6 pickleball paddles, 2 tennis or raquetball rackets, or up to a 15 inch laptop
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Fila Ultimate Tennis Backpack with Shoe Pocket
Fila Ultimate Tennis Backpack with Shoe Pocket
  • Features:Insulated side pocket. Spacious main compartment
  • Benefits: Dual tennis racket sleeve
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Onix Pickleball Durable Backpack
Onix Pickleball Durable Backpack
  • Features: Show up to play with everything you need with the ONIX Pickleball Backpack
  • Benefits: Bag is designed to keep you cool with breathable mesh panels on the front and back
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Amazin' Aces Premium Pickleball Backpack
Amazin’ Aces Premium Pickleball Backpack
  • Features: The Amazin’ Aces Pickleball Backpack was carefully made for pickleball players. The size is “just right”
  • Benefits: Padded backing and shoulder straps make this pack very comfortable
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Best Pickleball Bags Categories

Pickleball bags are available in different categories. Before buying a pickleball bag you must know about these categories. Five categories of pickleball bags are here and these are used for different purposes:

  • Sling bags
  • Backpack Bags
  • Duffle Bags
  • Drawstring Bags
  • Tote Bags

1. Pickleball Sling Bags

Sling bags are additionally very common in pickleball games due to their lightness. If you are searching for the best pickleball pack that carries your fundamental pickleball things like water bottles, paddles, and pickleball coordinators, then these sling bags are the ideal decision for you. Each player carries this one-shoulder bag effectively and feels great.

Presently, sling sacks are extremely famous among pickleball players in view of their style and convenience. You can easily keep a few of your equipment in the main area and there is another small area for your items like your wallets, phone, keys.

2. Pickleball Backpacks Balls

Pickleball sacks are the best decision for new players and prepared pickleball players since these bags offer extraordinary comfort to the player. You can without much of a stretch carry this bag with two straps over your shoulders. You can arrange different things in various backpack rooms without any problem. The backpacks have abundant space for balls, a water bottle, a towel, and whatever else you need to hold.

You can without much of a stretch get your pickleball equipment with you anywhere. Assuming you are searching for a pickleball bag with incredible capacity, this backpack is an extraordinary choice for you.

3. Pickleball Duffle Bags

Duffle Bag is one of the best types of pickleball bags as it offers a ton of room and is totally agreeable. This has extraordinary features like an agreeable and simple handle to deal with your pickleball equipment and different compartments that give space to store everything like a phone, wallet, and more.

This is the most ideal decision for a pickle game player whether you are new or an expert. Pickleball duffle sacks have extraordinary potential for taking away your pickle gear and belongings.

4. Pickleball Drawstring Bags

Drawstring sacks are easy and normal bags. You additionally saw numerous players carrying these types of bags in this competition and matches. These bags have extra room however not all that much. Drawstrings are available at reasonable costs which is the reason they are so well known. Children and youngsters utilize these packs since they are not difficult to utilize and agreeable to convey. As a backpack, It can also be easy to carry.

5. Pickleball Tote Bags

Tote bags are like handbags and they are the best choice for female pickleball game players. Tote bags are the best spot in a huge room. The tote bag has straightforward zipper pockets for individual assets like a phone, wallet, sunglasses, and keys. You can undoubtedly hold this sack with its free handle. Tote Bags are the most ideal choice for you to carry all your pickleball things with you. These sacks are available in various shades and extraordinary plans.

Top 8 Best Pickleball Bags

We know pickleball bags have a very important role in the life of players, so we discuss here the eight best pickleball bags for your help. Read this review list carefully and select a perfect bag for yourself.

1. Onix Pickleball Solid Backpack

This bag is specially designed for the pickleball player and has plenty of space to store all your pickleball equipment easily. This bag has five different pockets so you can store balls, paddles, water bottles, and other tools in the bag. You can carry this bag for competitions and trips and 100% of our goods will be safe and secure in this bag.

best pickleball bags

The durable items are made of breathable mesh so as not to damage them while wearing the bag. You feel comfortable while wearing this pickle bag. Due to its nice features, the best is seen from pickle players in the Onix Pickleball Backpack! Stable design allows it to stay upright so it can store things easily. One nice feature is that there is an ONIX logo on each string and each side of the pickleball backpack. Get ready to enjoy the Onix Pickleball backpack.


  • Size: L “20” xW “14” xH “5” inches
  • Weight: This bag weighs 2.05 pounds
  • Available colors: This pickle bag is available in many colors.
  • Space: This bag is wide enough to accommodate paddles, shoes, clothing, accessories, etc
  • This pickle bag is durable and easy to carry.
  • It has adjustable shoulder straps.
  • This pickleball bag is made of durable materials.
  • It has a lot of zippers for extra protection.
  • This pickle bag has plenty of storage pockets.
  • It would be nice if it came in a variety of colors
  • This is an expensive bag because of its good features.

2. Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag

If you want to feel like an expert on the courts, the Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag is the best option for you. The bag was part of the official gear of the United States Open Pickleball Championship. The padding is built for back support, and large packs ensure you have enough space for equipment. It is also made of a special breathable fabric that will keep your back and shoulders in sweat as you pull out your gear. This pickleball bag is suitable for both men and women.

best pickleball bags

This bag has an adjustable shoulder strap that makes this pickle sling bag easy and comfortable for all players. You can easily hold your pickle tool in the calculation. You can store two cans of balls and about three pads in the inner pocket of this bag. In some wallets, you can carry many other items. It is an affordable option for those who only need space to place paddles and balls.


  • Colors: Black / Green
  • Size: L “19.02”xW “12.99” xH “0.98” inches
  • Space: The largest space for player accessories
  • Weight: Simple
  • This bag has very large storage.
  • It has a cell phone holder attached and a key lock
  • This is the perfect lightweight bag with interior comfort.
  • Adjustable straps designed to prevent shoulder pain
  • Phone pack is too small for new phones.

3. Fila Ultimate Tennis with Shoe Pocket

If you are looking for a bag that has great features then you are at the right place. Try Fila Ultimate Tennis, because it has multiple features like a separate main compartment and shoe compartment, tennis racket sleeves. Multiple zippered pockets hold all items.

Fila Ultimate Tennis with Shoe Pocket

You can keep and organize all your things like a wallet, phone, and keys in one pocket. There is a separate shoe pack so that it keeps your clothes and towel clean. To keep your food cool there is a sealed package in your bag.


  • Size: 10 x 12 x 19 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Color: Red/White/Blue, Black/Grey, Beacon Blue
  • Material: Polyester Plastic
  • Great for pickleball as well as tennis.
  • Keep your food cool.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Comfortable and easy to carry.
  • The quality of the zipper is not so good.

4. Amazin ‘Aces Premium Pickleball Backpack

Hitting that exciting space between large and compact size, the Amazin Aces Premium Backpack is specially designed to meet the needs of pickleball players. The Amazin ‘Aces backpack is the perfect size for a small pickle players’ bag. A backpack can easily hold many balls, oars, shoes, and other gear.

Amazin 'Aces Premium Pickleball Backpack

There is plenty of space for your phone, wallet, towel, sunglasses, and more. In the side pockets, you can store your snacks. You can easily store all your needs and embellishments in this bag. You can easily hold this bag with its top hook.


  • Size: L “19.25”xW “9.8” xH “4.4” inches
  • Weight: 1.92 lbs
  • Warranty: one-year warranty
  • Color: white and black design.
  • This bag has closed side pockets.
  • This bag has a large capacity to hold the paddles.
  • It is an affordable backpack with good features.
  • It is a loose and sturdy pickleball bag.
  • The pockets of these bags are small in size.
  • The zipper quality is not very good.

5. Athletico Sling Bag

This sling is a versatile bag made of lightweight and durable polyester sports fabric. This sling bag is a functional and modern design specially for tournaments, matches, and tours. This is also a great bag for kids, teens, and adults. This is a great bag for pickleball games as well as tennis games. You can use this bag for racket, tennis and also for travel. This Sing bag is suitable for both men and women.

Athletico Sling Bag

In the main compartment of this bag, you can easily carry two tennis rackets, six paddle balls, one iPad, or a portable computer. You can keep all your pickleball equipment in the other compartment of the bag. This bag has amazing Zippered pockets that protect, your wallet and your phone. Keep your essentials safe and accessible with this great Sling bag. Enjoy Your Games!


  • Size: 20 x 14 x 6
  • Weight: 1.05 Pounds
  • Colors: Black
  • Material: Mesh
  • Warranty: 100% Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Lots of flexibility
  • Hidden pockets
  • Comfortable and safe bag
  • The size of the bag is small.

6. Vulcan VPRO Pickleball Backpack

The Vulcan VPRO Pickleball Backpack is made of a hundred percent nylon waterproof fabric and is strong for insulation. This attractive bag has great features including adjustable shoulder straps, and sturdy, comfortable, and flexible bags. This backpack bag has multi features like 4 zippered accessory pockets, ventilated shoe pocket, and comfort ablest shoulder straps. This bag protects your equipment as well as provides you with enough space.

Vulcan VPRO Pickleball Backpack

This pickleball backpack bag is a great bag for pickleball players.

There is great space for shoes as well as 3-4 paddles in the compartment. There is also enough space in a large pocket to store all your necessities.

This backpack is not only for pickleball but also for travel, tennis, and daily use. Because it has many compartments to keep so many things in this bag. You can easily keep your phone, towel, wallet, keys, and sunglasses in the compartments of this bag. It has a wide interior. This bag is a perfect match for you if you are looking for an extra-large space bag.


  • Color: Available in two colors Blue and Grey
  • Length: 5.08 cm
  • Width: 35.56 cm
  • Height: 53.34 cm
  • Type: BACKPACK
  • Imported
  • Air-conditioned Shoe Bag
  • 4 Zipper Backpack Sides
  • Flexible Shoulder straps
  • Price of this backpack is high due to its amazing features.

7. OutdoorMaster Crossbody Sling Bag

The Outdoor Master bag has enough space for all your important pickleball items and several rooms for organizing and classifying things the way you like. This bag is made in a diamond shape and it is a really good style among all pickleball bags.

OutdoorMaster Crossbody Sling Bag

You can easily carry this bag on your shoulders because belts are paired with a soft material. This bag has reversible shoulder straps. You can keep all your pickleball equipment in the smart pockets of this pickleball bag. This bag has a water bottle holder. If you are looking for a bag for regular use then this is the perfect bag for you. This bag is the perfect match for travel also. Buy Now a great bag at an affordable price From Amazon. Right Now!


  • Size: L “11.8”xW “4” xH “17.7” inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Available Colors: Garnet Red, Black, Dark Blue, Mocha Brown, Green, Azure & Gray
  • Warranty: 100% satisfaction guarantee warranty
  • Can hold a laptop up to 12.5″, an iPad, or any other tablet.
  • Zippers of this pickleball bag are smooth.
  • It is a durable and long bag.
  • Very affordable
  • The shoulder strap of this pickleball bag was a little high.

8. ZOEA Pickleball Bag, Women’s Wallet Bag

If you are looking for the best duffel bag made of durable and high-quality materials “The ZOEA pickle bag is a great option for you. This is a comfortable bag, you can hold it with shoulder straps that can be easily switched between the sides left and right according to your choice. This sling bag has good features including an air mesh back panel, a water bottle holder, ample space for all accessories, and a fencing hook.

ZOEA Pickleball Bag, Women's Wallet Bag

This bag has extra pockets to carry all your important pickle game items with you on the field. You can easily place your water bottle in the outer holder. Large storage capacity can fit into four pickleball paddles, 30 balls, or a 15-inch portable computer. This is a waterproof bag so you can easily carry it on a rainy winter day.


  • Size: L “18”xW “12” xH “6” inches
  • Colors: Red, blue, black. and Gray
  • Warranty; 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • The hidden zipper package allows you to store cash and cards
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • This bag has extra space.
  • Shoulder straps
  • High performance
  • It may be too small to carry too many things
  • ZOEA pickleball bags are not stretch

Buyer Guide of Pickleball Bag 2022

Pickleball bags are available in various colors, shapes, and different styles in the market. These are some things to consider when getting a pickle bag. These guides help you buy the best pickleball bags.

Although there is no general rule to follow to get the perfect pickleball bags. Before choosing a bag, think about what you want to carry in the pickleball game and then select a suitable bag for you. Make a list of all the items you usually carry for the pickleball game. You can buy a duffel bag if you want to carry many things with you and for 1 – 2 paddles and a few pickleball, you can buy a sling bag.

Pickleball is a game that you have to play during the hottest days or on a rainy winter day. So before selecting a bag for you, three things to keep in mind the first fabric of a pickleball bag is heat resistant has a solid zipper, and is waterproof.

Pickleball bags are lightweight because you feel uncomfortable holding too much weight over your shoulders. Also, check the size and compartment of the bag before getting it according to your needs.

Our Recommendation

If you are finding a bag that is suitable for pickleball games, then the Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag is the ideal option for you. This bag has an advantageous compartment that can easily hold six standard-size pickleball, just as your important things (like your phone, wallet, and sunglasses). We highly suggest that all our visitors try this bag because it is lightweight, simple, and comfortable to carry. Features include extra-large space, easy holds, and flexible shoulders. Players love that it’s enormous and will handily hold different pickleball paddles, balls, pickleball shoes, additional garments, keys, shades, and so on.

FAQs About Pickleball Bags

How would I realize the bag is huge enough for all my pickleball gear before I get it?

Regularly, the pickleball gear set accompanies four to six paddles and four to six balls for certain extra ones as well. Aside from that, adequate room for your customary things, for example, a phone, water bottle, towel, shoes, and so on ought to likewise be there. So pick as needs be.

Is a great deal of capacity for different things useful for my paddle?

However long the paddles segment is cushioned, then, at that point, you don’t have to stress over different things. Particularly a pack with a shoe compartment will assist with ensuring your paddle.

What would be a good idea for me to bag in my pickleball bag?

What you convey in your pickleball bag relies upon what things you see as generally accommodating on and off the court, however, there are a couple of basics everybody should convey.

Would I be able to purchase a bag that is intended for tennis or racquetball?

You can utilize any sack you like. Mind you, tennis and racquetball racquets are frequently bigger than a pickleball oar and make more than you want to haul around. It’s ideal to stay with a pickleball pack as it’s planned in light of pickleball hardware. Notwithstanding, you can purchase an alternate bag on the off chance that you play various racquet sports.


In this article, we discuss the types of pickleball bags and also tell you, their features. We discuss the eight best pickleball bags and their pros and cons after reading this “The eight best pickleball bags for men and women “article. You will be able to get a perfect pickleball bag for you and enjoy your games. We always want to help our visitors by telling them the best product in the market. Get a great pickleball bag from our list. Enjoy!

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